The Ministry of Financial Services and Good Governance is a newly created Ministry as the financial services constitute a key sector of our economy and have huge potential for growth.
Its aim is to fight fraud, eradicate corruption, malpractices and irregularities in all aspects of public life to foster the development of Mauritius. It has also the responsibility of spearheading institutional reforms and reinstating good governance practices which are fundamental principles at the core of the fight against irregularities.
The Ministry has the mandate to reorganise and reform the public sector to make it more productive, transparent, accountable and customer friendly.  The promotion of the development of wealth management and asset management will be the springboard to position Mauritius as a centre for private placement, trading of bonds and other financial instruments.
A significant part of its mandate is to position Mauritius and the Stock Exchange of Mauritius as a financial hub for mitigating Africa- related risks.