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The Office of Public Sector Governance (OPSG)

The Office of Public Sector Governance (OPSG)

​​​The Office of the Public Sector Governance (OPSG) is now under the aegis of this Ministry. It acts as the technical arm for good governance and

institutional reforms.

The OPSG is mandated to look into the following:-

 (a) promoting and assisting the Ministry in the reform of public sector organisations through good governance practices, with a view to ensuring that 

      their services are responsive to the needs of the public;

 (b) providing services to Public Sector Organisations including Corporate Governance Review, Financial Reviews, Organisational, Procurement

      and Management Reviews;

 (c) conducting special enquiries into reported cases of mismanagement;

 (d) providing support to public sector enterprises in implementing performance enhancing reforms approved by Government;

 (e) monitoring the pace of reform of public sector enterprises and recommending corrective measures, where appropriate;

 (f) monitoring and reporting on the effectiveness of the implementation of the recommendations of the National Audit Office (NAO), the Public 

      Accounts Committee (PAC) and the Internal Control Unit;

 (g) establishing, reviewing and monitoring the effectiveness of Audit Committees in Ministries and Departments.

 (h) promoting and monitoring the implementation of the Code of Corporate Governance and carrying out sensitisation activities on good governance;

  (i) conducting programme evaluation with a view to ensuring that cost effective ways are adopted in the delivery of quality service to the public.

11 March 2020​

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