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​​​​​FIU Mass media Campaign

The FIU in collaboration with the Ministry of Financial Services & Good Governance and ​Industry Associations produced a TV programme, ‘Pran Konte ou larzan’  which was aired on 21 December 2020 on the National TV.
The purpose of the TV programme was to raise awareness of reporting persons falling under the AML/CFT supervisory purview of the FIU as well as  awareness of the general public on these regulatory obligations.
The TV programme briefly covered the following:
The FATF and Mauritius on the list of High-risk and other monitored jurisdictions
The DNFBPs sectors and their AML/CFT Obligations, including reporting of suspicious transactions.
The role of the general public to collaborate with the superv​​​​ised sectors and the authorities to comply with international standards devised to fight Money Laundering, Terrorism and Proliferation Financing.